Symposium Themes & Sub-Themes

The theme of the international symposium is "Advancements in Space based Earth Observations and Services for Weather and Climate". The main areas of focus of the symposium :

  • Space based observations in Monsoon processes including land and ocean surfaces
  • Use of Space based observations for Early Warning of Hydro-meteorological Hazards
  • Extreme Weather events
  • Estimation of Essential Climate Variables from Space based Earth Observations data
  • Space based observations for agrometeorological and hydro-meteorological services
  • Current and Future instruments for meteorological and oceanographic observations
  • Calibration and Validation of Earth observation data
  • Assimilation of satellite data in numerical weather Prediction
  • Nowcasting & forecasting of met-ocean events integrating satellite and in-situ observations
  • Cryosphere and global climate change
  • Land-Ocean-Atmosphere interaction and climate change indicators

A few Special Sessions (e.g. Scatsat-1, INSAT-3D/R, Monsoon - in memory of D. R. Sikka) are also planned during the symposium.