Technical Program

A total of 12 awards have been suggested that includes
      1. 2 awards each for best oral and poster presentation by young scientists
      2. 2 awards each for best oral and poster presentation by research students
      3. 2 awards each for best oral and poster presentation
Guidelines to conduct Student session at INTROMET-2017
  1. It is proposed to conduct a student session at INTROMET 2017 to be held at Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad. This session will be for sixty –ninety minutes and it can be a suitably adjusted along with main technical program of the symposium.
  2. The main purpose of this session is to expose B.E/B.Tech/M.Sc. level students to the advances in the field of meteorology and associated subjects during this international symposium.
  3. The participation for students will be through IMS local chapters. Each of the local IMS chapter will tasked to conduct a local competition to select one student from each chapter. This will have done by organizing an essay writing competition on one of the selected three topics. Topics should be announced at the spot and local chapters should conduct this competition.
  4. Selected students from the chapter will be invited to attend the INTROMET-2017 at Ahmedabad and will be supported by IMSA. They are required to make a five minutes presentation on selected themes. Three best presentation will be awarded.
  5. The themes for the presentation will be decided by technical program committee of the symposium.
  6. On the other days these students should act as interns for conducting the technical sessions and will help technical program committee, hall coordination committee for smooth conduct of the technical sessions. This will give them an exposure to an international technical event handling.